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Putting you in the drivers seat with Engine Management

Do you want to reduce operating costs by curbing errant driver behaviour, such as excessive fuel consumption, harsh braking or over-revving, but don’t have the means to simply capture and report all the necessary information?

Or perhaps you want to monitor individual vehicles to proactively manage engine performance indicators and reduce maintenance costs, but don’t have the real-time monitoring tools? Navman Wireless’ Engine Management System can help.


Assessing CANbus information is critical to reducing truck operating costs, ongoing maintenance, and extending the life of your truck fleet. Automating the capture of CANbus information and combining it with GPS information and web reporting gives fleet managers everything they need to know.

And Navman Wireless provides this complete end-to-end solution.

What is EMS

Engine Management System (EMS) is a telematics monitoring system providing truck fleet operators with a complete picture of truck and driver performance.

Functioning as a monitoring and reporting tool, the second-by-second EMS captures live feeds of individual truck data and combines it with Navman Wireless industry-leading GPS tracking system to pinpoint patchy driving behaviour, vehicle performance and top-line indicators of possible maintenance issues.

  • Braking – harsh braking, number of brake applications, braking distance
  • Speed – average trip speed, maximum speed, speeding, time spent in speed bands
  • RPM – excessive RPM, max RPM, time in RPM bands
  • Fuel consumption – per trip and average fuel economy
  • PTO use
  • Engine hours
  • Distance – odometer
  • Oil pressure
  • Water temperature
  • Idle time, warm-up idle time and excessive idle
  • Real-time information displayed to the driver via the MDT 860