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Navman Wireless largest single deal

Nationwide Tracking Systems has just organised Carsthe largest single deal to date for Navman Wireless Australia.

The deal consists of fitting about 1,200 Navman Wireless Systems in vehicles for Life without Barriers.

The Navman Wireless systems consist of Qube Tracking Device & M-Nav 800 these units will mainly be fitted into Toyota Hiace mini buses & passenger vehicles like VW Golfs & Jettas.

The installations will be carried out all round Australia. So if you need a truly national Navman Dealer you can’t go past Nationwide Tracking Systems.

NTS National Dealer of the Year Again in 2014

The 2014 Australian Navman Wireless Dealers Conference was held from 10th to 14th June at Langkawi, Malaysia. The National Dealer of the year was announced & awarded to Nationwide Tracking nts-dealer-yearSystems for the 3rd year running.

Nationwide Vehicle Tracking Systems is a Navman Wireless Premium Dealer, Dealer of the year in 2009 & 2011 & then National Dealer of the year 2012, 2013 & now 2014

NTS, Navman Wireless Premium Dealer has the head office in Newcastle (NSW), servicing clients in all regions of Australia.

Nationwide Vehicle Tracking Systems is recognised as the best Navman Wireless Dealer in Australia. So if you want to deal with the best call us today & we will organised a Navman Wireless solution anywhere in Australia.

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Australian Navman Wireless Platinum Dealer Announced

Nationwide Tracking System announced as an Australian Navman Wireless Platinum Dealer in June 2014nationwide tracking systems navman wireless platinum dealer

Nationwide Tracking Systems has been the Australian Dealer of the Year in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 & now 2014. The Navman Wireless Award Winning company is based in Newcastle servicing all Australian states & territories.

Navman Wireless prides itself in being the leader in the fleet tracking industry. Our company has received several awards and recognition from well established companies around the globe. We have over 14,000 customers from different countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, U.S.A., Mexico, Taiwan, China, and many more.


Navman Wireless National Dealer of the Year 2012 2013

Nationwide Vehicle Tracking Systems is a Navman Wireless Premium Dealer, with the head office in Newcastle (NSW), servicing clients in all regions of Australia.

Nationwide Vehicle Tracking Systems is recognised as the best Navman Wireless Dealer in Australia. So if you want to deal with the best call us today & we will organised a Navman Wireless solution anywhere in Australia.

NTS, Nationwide Tracking Systems is aligned with the Bosch Automotive Service Dealer Network, which is Australia’s largest group of professional Auto Electricians. This alliance gives Nationwide Tracking Systems customers national service, support & warranty for peace of mind.

Navman Wireless  is Australia’s provider in GPS Tracking & Fleet Management solutions. In addition to thousands of customers in Australia, Navman Wireless are also located around the globe to become the only true global provider of Fleet Tracking & Management solutions with operations in the UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, the US, Chile and New Zealand.

Navman Wireless products are designed and supported by a team of over 45 Research and Development Engineers based in our New Zealand & San Fransisco offices, with our Navman Wireless dealer channel overseeing installation processes, training and support.


Vehicle & Fleet Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracking is the core Navman Wireless solution. This handy fleet management tool combines our OnlineAVL2 (automatic vehicle locator) software application that sits on your computer, with the Qube GPS Tracking Device that resides in the vehicle.


Our Vehicle Tracking system helps remove the guess work as you’re able to locate, track, monitor and report on your vehicles quickly and easily.


A full reporting suite lets you download and review reports such as mileage, speed, time of arrival/departure at a site and time spent at sites so you can better schedule jobs and improve efficiency.

Vehicle Maintenance Log

With Navman Wireless you can also record an individual vehicle’s maintenance requirements and reminders for automatic tracking and notification. Vehicle Maintenance can be set up based on date range, engine hours or distance. For example, service at x distance, rego at x date, insurance, lease expiry, tyres at x distance, oil filter at x engine hours, etc.

All Vehicle Maintenance issues can be set up with different levels of alerts and can be reported via the reporting suite.

The GPS Vehicle & Fleet Tracking System lets you:

  • Locate your vehicles on a map in seconds.
  • Send the nearest vehicle to any job.
  • Record location, speed, direction and mileage.
  • Manage individual vehicle’s maintenance requirements and reminders.
  • Give your customers more accurate ETAs.
  • Establish Geofence boundary lines so you can receive alerts when drivers arrive at or leave specific areas.
  • Review a driver’s activity for the day for route optimisation, to see sites visited and to prove whereabouts.
  • Set up vehicle maintenance alerts so you automatically know when,  for example, registration, insurance or servicing is due.
  • Access reports to help with timesheets, job logs, billing, KPIs, SLA, customer queries and more

Telemetry Solution with Vehicle Tracking

At Navman Wireless we refer to telematics as ‘Telemetry Monitoring’. Telemetry Monitoring is an option specifically for customers who require field information over and above our core solution data.

Some Telemetry Monitoring requires third party integration with our solution and as such will be treated on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information.

Navman Wireless’ Vehicle Telematics lets you see:

  • Static and remote panic button.
  • Sweeper arms in operation for street cleaners.
  • Time and location of hydraulic loading ramps in use.
  • Temperature alerts for refrigerated freight (too hot or too cold).
  • Weight recording for waste or haulage trucks.
  • Time and location of doors open.
  • RFID time and location recording.
  • Auxiliary motor on and off.
  • Remote door locking and unlocking.

Messaging & Tracking Solution for Job Dispatching

Whatever your industry and whatever size your fleet, great communication with your field force is essential. Enjoy fast, efficient and cost-effective two-way messaging between the office and vehicle using Navman Wireless Messaging.

The two way Messaging & Tracking system lets you:

  • Dispatch job details, directions and messages.
  • Receive automatic confirmation that messages have been received, ensuring jobs don’t get lost.
  • Allow fast replies via prepared responses and variable fields from the vehicle (e.g. ‘Job accepted. *20* minutes away’).
  • Enjoy incredibly low-cost messaging. Communicate with your field staff for less than the cost of a phone call or text message to a mobile phone.
  • Send a message to one, some or all the vehicles in the fleet.


Navman Wireless Engine Management

Putting you in the drivers seat with Engine Management

Do you want to reduce operating costs by curbing errant driver behaviour, such as excessive fuel consumption, harsh braking or over-revving, but don’t have the means to simply capture and report all the necessary information?

Or perhaps you want to monitor individual vehicles to proactively manage engine performance indicators and reduce maintenance costs, but don’t have the real-time monitoring tools? Navman Wireless’ Engine Management System can help.


Assessing CANbus information is critical to reducing truck operating costs, ongoing maintenance, and extending the life of your truck fleet. Automating the capture of CANbus information and combining it with GPS information and web reporting gives fleet managers everything they need to know.

And Navman Wireless provides this complete end-to-end solution.

What is EMS

Engine Management System (EMS) is a telematics monitoring system providing truck fleet operators with a complete picture of truck and driver performance.

Functioning as a monitoring and reporting tool, the second-by-second EMS captures live feeds of individual truck data and combines it with Navman Wireless industry-leading GPS tracking system to pinpoint patchy driving behaviour, vehicle performance and top-line indicators of possible maintenance issues.

  • Braking – harsh braking, number of brake applications, braking distance
  • Speed – average trip speed, maximum speed, speeding, time spent in speed bands
  • RPM – excessive RPM, max RPM, time in RPM bands
  • Fuel consumption – per trip and average fuel economy
  • PTO use
  • Engine hours
  • Distance – odometer
  • Oil pressure
  • Water temperature
  • Idle time, warm-up idle time and excessive idle
  • Real-time information displayed to the driver via the MDT 860

Manage Your Fleet on the Go

Track and manage your fleet while on the go with the iPhoneNavman iPhone App

The OnlineAVL2 iPhone App is FREE and available to Navman Wireless customers only.

With the iPhone App, you can still have visibility and manage your fleet without being in front of your computer

  • view your entire fleet’s location on Google Maps for a quick snap shot of where all your vehicles are
  • view a vehicle’s latest activity with address, date, time and speed details
  • replay the vehicle’s most recent journey
  • Send and receive messages between your iPhone and the vehicle’s messaging terminal*
  • Route one or more of your vehicles to a site, incl the job details as a message – directly from your iPhone**

* Vehicle must be fitted with an MDT or M-Nav
** Vehicle must be fitted with an M-Nav

How to access the OnlineAVL2 iPhone App

Only Navman Wireless customers utilising the OnlineAVL2 software application can access their fleet via the iPhone App.

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