Improve reputation, revenue, risk and ‘drive’ a safety culture

Navman Wireless has become one of Australia’s market leading provider of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management software solutions. Our easy-to-install system enables you to track and manage your vehicle fleet better than ever before. We put you in the driver’s seat of every vehicle, giving you access to real-time information that takes the guesswork out of managing your business on the road.

The Navman Wireless GPS Tracking & Fleet Management system also provides a comprehensive suite of reports that lets you gain a clear understanding of how your fleet is working. This reporting provides crucial decision-making support, allowing you to increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

View, track, communicate, navigate and take control with an efficient, easy-to-use, reliable system that soon pays for itself and offers countless benefits.Navman Wireless LCD

  • Reduce Costs

Navman Wireless helps you save money through reduced fuel bills, better job allocation, accurate invoicing and higher level of overall efficiency.

  • Remove the Guess Work

Navman Wireless provides you with facts so it takes the guess work out of your business.

  • Better Customer Service

Step up customer service level by providing up-to-the minute information, sending the closest vehicle to a job & providing proof of delivery/time on site.

  • Asset Performance

Learn how different brands, makes and models perform and optimise your purchasing

  • Improve Maintenance

Eliminate both under-and over-servicing

  • Promote Safety

Protect your drivers and the public demonstrate responsibility to your customers and prevent costly fines

  • Reduce Fuel Usage

Keep a primary operating expense from taking over the budget

  • Environmental Impact

Make “environmental” claims that you can stand behind

  • Increase Productivity

Do more with what you already have

  • Reduce Downtime

Keep assets in top condition

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